Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

I'm loving the projects I have to share with you for this week's Frugal Round-up....

First, I am really in love with wallpaper lately.  And you will be too after you check out the difference it made in this room makeover shared by The Heathered Nest.  Amazing!

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My New House: Learning My Limitations~

This isn't easy for me to admit:  I can't do everything.

Seems obvious.  Shouldn't come as a shock.  But it's still hard for  me to admit.  I have always been a "Type A Overachiever".  And when I say that, I'm not exaggerating.  Not one little bit.  In school, I was a straight A student.  I had about 1 gazillion extra curricular activities (give or take a few).

So here I am.  Years later.  A single mom with my own home.  Wait...let me clarify that....an INTERIOR-DESIGNER-single-mom with my own home.  That means, of course, that I have grand plans for just about every nook and cranny of this house.

Here's where I've had to learn that I can't do everything.  In the past, I would have just made a "to-do" list and started tackling it one item at a time.  Now, I work full time as a designer, part-time as a design blogger and 24-hour-a-day-time as a mom.  That leaves little time for projects.

So I did the unthinkable (unthinkable to a type-A, DIY, Design blogger anyway).  I hired a project done.  And I know it won't be the only project that gets accomplished this way.  And you know what? That's okay.

Here's a sneak peek of said project...

And I couldn't be happier.  And neither could my boys.  I took on the painting of said project to save a bit of money...and now I realize that even fitting in painting is challenging with my current schedule. I've been working on it for 5 days now, and I'm not done.  Meanwhile, the boys are camping out in the living room.  An arrangement that they think is fun.  But one that I'm ready to have over with.

Every new phase of life teaches us something about ourselves.  In this phase, I've learned that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to, I just can't do EVERYTHING.  There is quite a distinction.  And in learning that about myself, I've freed up some of the guilt.  It's okay (even as a type-A, DIY, Design Blogging Interior Designer) to ask for help when you need it.  And that, my friends, is growth. Learning my limitations has actually expanded my abilities in a way.  Who woulda thought?




HomeGoods Gift Card Winner~

Hello Lovelies!

I'm just popping in on this rainy Tuesday afternoon to announce the winner of the HomeGoods $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

The winner is:
AMY who said   "So impressed with how quickly you have put the room together, looks great. I am in need of new rugs, Home Goods is the place. Thanks, Amy"


Please drop me an email at shabbynest (at) yahoo (dot) com, and we'll get you set up with your prize!

I'll be back soon with a sneak peek post about the big project going on in the little boys' bedroom! I'm so excited!!  In the mean time, have a great day!




Frugal Friday~

Oh my word, you guys!

I'm so embarrassed!!  I was thrown off by the holiday weekend, and literally didn't know I had forgotten to post Frugal Friday until I was driving my son to school this morning and realized it's Friday morning!  I'm so sorry!  But better late than never....here's Frugal Friday (only 12 hours later. sigh.)

For this week's Frugal Round-up, I thought it would be fun to share a bit of fall inspiration.

First up, this very unique Hydrangea and Antler wreath shared by Little Farmstead.  Definitely has that Autumn vibe!

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My New House: Changing Can Lights to Pendants~

I'm so excited to share this change I made to the kitchen of the Hydeaway Cottage! It makes a HUGE difference and wasn't hard at all.

Here's my kitchen the way it looked before I moved in...

The great thing about adding pendant lights where you already have can lights (and I just happened to have two positioned perfectly above the kitchen island)  is that you can buy converter kits at your local Home Depot (or Lowe's or other big box home improvement store).

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My New House: Inspiration For My Entry Door~

I've been enamored with the idea of painting the inside of my front door a different color to set off my entry. And although I've been debating a number of different colors, I'm really loving the idea of black.  I realize it's not a new idea, but the look is classic and will make my tiny entry a bit more dramatic.

I've been searching Houzz for inspirational photos, and today I'm going to share a few of my faves.

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My New House: More Living Room Updates (and a HomeGoods Gift Card Giveaway)~

Do you remember a few weeks ago, when I posted about HomeGood's "Happiness Happens Day"?

Well, as part of the HomeGoods celebration, they gave me a gift card and asked me to use it to brighten somebody's day - anybody's day - with a little room makeover.

So I decided that brightening my family's day was a great idea.  Since we have just moved into a new house, I thought that making our family room cozy and comfy would be a great idea!

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