Frugal Friday~

Hello Frugalistas!!

Welcome to this week's edition of  Frugal Friday!

In case you missed it, Frugal Fridays are going to be a bit different than they have been in the past.  Rather than sharing my Frugal Round-up in the Frugal Friday post, I am now going to dedicate a post called Frugal Favorites to my favorite picks from the previous weeks party.  

Frugal Favorites will go live on Wednesday, and Frugal Friday will continue to go live Thursday nights at 8 pm MST.

To see this week's Frugal Favorites click here.

So let's get down to the party, shall we?

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Frugal Favorites...1st Edition~

Welcome to the first edition of Frugal Favorites!

I'm so excited to be starting back up my tradition of sharing my Frugal Friday favorites in a post all their own.  Don't forget that I'll also be pinning my faves and sharing on other social media too.  I'm thrilled to be building back up a sense of blog community and I'm hoping you'll join me!

So to get things going, I wanted to share a fun DIY linked up by Love Grows Wild.  She's sharing a tutorial on how you can make your own Dry Erase Board.  Cute, right?

Next, I simply couldn't pass up these Strawberry Cashew Parfaits linked by This Silly Girl's Life.  Don't they look delish?

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New Weekly Post: Frugal Favorites~

Hello Lovelies!

Back when I first started my Frugal Friday link party a few years ago, I did a separate post each week that featured my favorite link-ups from the previous week.

I've decided to bring this idea back with my new weekly post, Frugal Favorites.

Every week on Wednesday I'm going to share a few of my favorites from the previous week's party.  I want my loyal linkers (linkers??) to have more exposure than they were getting as a part of the link party post.  I feel like  most people glaze right over the features as they hurry to link up.

I also want you all to be aware, that I am going to make a concerted effort to share my favorite posts with my almost 15,000 followers on Pinterest.

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